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  • Amazing Machinery, Your Equipment Superstore Since 1995
    Milwaukee Plumbers Tools

    Drain Cleaning Business Package
    Full System

    This Milwaukee Plumber's Business Package includes includes Camera, Locator, Drum Machine, and Drain Snake. Save money as you update your tools-of-the-trade, or jump-start your new plumbing business with this package.


    Package SCCL-004

    1. Milwaukee M18® 120' Pipeline Inspection System
    2. Milwaukee M12® Pipeline Locator Kit
    3. Milwaukee MX FUEL® Sewer Drum Machine with 100' Cable
    4. Milwaukee M12® Drain Snake w/ Cable Drive®

    Package at a Glance:

    1. Milwaukee M18® 120' Pipeline Inspection System

    The M18® 120' Pipeline Inspection System delivers the clearest image, easiest inspections for 2"-6" sewer lines up to 120'.

    2. M12® Pipeline Locator Kit

    The M12® Pipeline Locator provides the most intuitive plumbing locating experience, simplifying the process of pinpointing sewer camera sondes and tracing underground sewer lines.

    3. MX FUEL® Sewer Drum Machine

    The MX FUEL® Sewer Drum Machine simplifies sewer calls by providing the power to clear roots at 200 ft out, containing the mess with a fully closed drum, and cordless power for instant setup.

    Includes 3/4" X 100' TW IC Drain Cable (48-53-2410)

    4. M12® Drain Snake w/ Cable Drive®

    The lightest professional drain cleaner on the market. Its unique, hybrid design provides you with the benefits of both handheld and floor based drain cleaners in one machine. The tool's fixed drum shield with flat base protects you and fixtures while providing maximum tool support for easy cable feed.
    Sewer Camera and Sectional Machine Package SCCL-004

    Package $12295.00

    Free Freight - 48 States

    More Details on this Package

    1. Milwaukee M18® 120' Pipeline Inspection System

    • Record, Edit & Share to Mobile Devices
    • Swap Batteries without System Shutdown
    • Unmatched Versatility, Control Hub Swaps Between Reels
    • Up to 200' of Wireless or wired connectivity to viewing device
    • On board USB port allows for saving findings on memory stick
    • One-Key® technology allows for tracking, tool security, and inventory management
    • Up to 9 hours of runtime with an M18® REDLITHIUM® 5.0AH Battery
    • Learn more
    M18® 120' Pipeline Inspection System

    2. M12® Pipeline Locator Kit

    • Directional Icons Eliminate Guess & Check
    • Read Signals Clearly on 4.3" LCD Display
    • 360 Degree Guidance Arrow provides Fast, Accurate Guidance Upon Start Up
    • On-Screen Sonde Icon Confirms Sonde's Exact Location
    • Line Trace Mode: Compass Icon Follows Energized Line
    • Two 3D Antennas for precise locating
    • Onboard Controls: Quickly Switch between locating modes
    • Calibration Test Monitors Tool's Accuracy
    • Daylight Readable Screen for Optimal Outdoor Viewing
    • IP65 Rated: Survives Harsh Jobsite Conditions
    • One-Key® Tracking, Security, & Inventory Management
    • Learn more
    Milwaukee 2580-21 Pipeline Locator Kit

    3. MX FUEL® Sewer Drum Machine

    • Power to clear roots at 200 ft out
    • Fully closed drum
    • Includes 3/4" X 100' TW IC Drain Cable
    • Cordless power
    • Battery Type: Lithium-Ion
    • Drain Line Capacity: 200'
    • Battery System: Mx FUEL®
    • Recommended Pipe Sizes: 3 - 6"
    • Max Pipe Size: 8'
    • Cable Capacity: 5/8" & 3/4"
    • Feed Type: Manual Or Automatic
    • Cable Spin Speed: 200 RPM
    • Equipment Warranty: 2 Year
    • Battery Warranty: 2 Year
    • Charge Time: 45 Minutes
    • Learn more

    Cable Included in this Package:

    • 3/4" X 100' TW IC Drain Cable (48-53-2410)
    • Industrial Steel Spring
    • Interlocking Cable Connectors with Pin Key Release
    • Steel Connectors
    • Stainless Steel Release Pin and Spring
    • All Purpose Wind
    • 2 Year Cable Warranty

    4. M12® Drain Snake w/ Cable Drive®

    • Lightest professional drain line machine.
    • Hybrid design: provides benefits of both handheld and floor based drain cleaners in 1 machine.
    • Drum shield: protects user and fixture during use
    • Removable inner drum: helps prevent cable bind up and contains mess inside the drum
    • Slide action cable lock mechanism
    • LED light: illuminates work area underneath sink and other dark spaces
    • Compatible with all M12® batteries & chargers
    • Learn more
    M12 Drain Snake
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